Speaking Engagements
  • "Why I DON'T want you to plan for the unknown: A financial coach explains planning for the now and the knowns."
    • Explore known financial issues today to get over planning procrastination 
    • Show many of the known issues today will be same issues in the future
    • Decide that taking control of the now is an active, confident strategy that beats an unfocused strategy of worry or denial

  • "Do you WANT them to boomerang?? Financially empowering your college-age student to prepare them for independence."
    • Start specific money conversations about tuition and expectations are a way to start
    • Devise budgets, whether through student savings or parent allocation as a first lesson
    • Create a specific money conversation cadence to review results and enforce expectations

  • Does your group have a particular financial worry or concern?  Contact me for a custom topic that could be created for your group.